Featured Applicants

We are proud to feature some of our applicants who have submitted themselves for consideration for the 2014 presentation. To be selected as a feature applicant one must first complete and submit their application before submitting photos and other details for a featured spot.

These amazing artists are not yet finalists and we are still accepting applicants. As a special note to artists: If you have not submitted your final application, you cannot be featured on this page or in our social media.

Master Applicants

Srikanta Barefoot

Aleysa Gulevich

Kenneth Lindemann



Myriam Lessard

Journeyman Applicants

Mark Stampfle

Samantha Halas

Lauren Breunig

Jocelynn Rudig


Dante Inferno


Applications will be reviewed on several criteria for the selection of finalists. Artists are submitting acts that reveal the breadth of their training, research, experimentation, and exploration.

  • An artist's skill level must match the proficiency level selected.
  • The acts selected should stand out amongst others within the profession and skill level.
  • The application must have sifficient information to allow us to research your background.
  • We have commited to a diversity of performers. Only in special cases will we accept more than 1 type of act in either category.
  • If selected as a finalist, the artist's "thesis act" will be measured against unique criteria relavent to it's individuality and not against the performance of other finalists. This is a competition against oneself, and the end scoring average will result in the ranking of performers.