The Circus Competition is changing. After our first presentation of the website, and after our first invitational event in Toronto we have listened to feedback, and felt the impressions of many. We will be announcing some core concept changes to make the competition more inclusive. Also we are reworking the surface so people can see more clearly that this is an artistic event. Between you and me, the word competition seems to illicit quite a bit of disdain from those who don't bother to read the fine print ;)

Also For the past year we have had a separate user account system for circus applicants and the online art contest. As we move towards launching new productions which also require accounts, we're unifying the account system so people only need 1 account. We have archived the account data, closed the circus applications temporarily, and begun constructing a new account system.

As our account system is being rebuilt, we encourage you to email us a letter of intent. Just tell us a bit about yourself so we can get to know you, and that you have interest in applying. We will contact you when our new and imporved account system is up and running or if anything else comes up.

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