Over $12,000 in Prizes for a two tiered circus competition

The Competition

After the sucess of our summer circus competition at the Figment Festival here in Toronto, we are excited to share with you this high level competition for North American performers within the Circus Arts community. Evolved from our earliest incarnations we are hosting local and international events are various upcoming dates.

The first half of the event is built to showcase those with solid skills but who are newer to the industry and claim the skill level of Journeyman.

What we consider most interesting about our event is the recognition of the journey one takes within their profession to become a master. Thus our event is divided into a Journeyman and Master category. Read this wiki article for more..

Ground acts, object manipulation, aerial routines, clowns, and more will all be featured on our illustrious stage where artists will compete for prizes and distinction as the best in their field.

Applications are now being accepted from both levels of artists for our single-night event in 2014. The competition's selection committee will review applicants and final results will be announced early 2014. As we progress we will highlight a shortlist of those in consideration for the final event along with all announcements concerning dates, venues, sponsors, and judges.

Please note we are in the process of rebuilding our application form. Please let us know if you experience any errors.

The event will consist of the final contestants as well as gala entertainment presented by the organization. The performers will be judged by a panel of their peers; veterans of the Circus world with established names. Closing ceremonies will reveal the result of our judges deliberations and as well as a special presentation to a Legend of Circus.

Surrounding the event will be workshops taught by high level instructors including our finalists, discussion panels about the past/present/future of the Circus Industry, and social events in which the VIP's and sponsors can interact with our finalists.

Artists, choose your proficiency.

Journeymen artists: You've trained, studied, practiced and developed your skill and are now ready to unleash your act on the world. Professionally educated or privately developed, you are an unseasoned performer looking to make your name. You're ready, sign up now.

Master Artists: Years of training and discipline have taken you to the highest levels in your art form. Through hard work and success you have earned the right to be recognized as a skilled performer. Among your peers you shall distinguish yourself. Sign up now.