A contest for the highly creative photographers, makeup artists, llustrators, and their creative teams.

Art Contest Closed for 2014. Reopens Spring of 2015.

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Welcome to the contest that aims to find that little bit of circus in all our everyday lives. We accept image submissions in a variety of art disciplines in our multiple contest categories. Photography, cosmetics, and digital illustration are where we hace begun and we are showing the world that art and artistic presentation are what good circus comes from. Submit your best photos for potential critiquing by our celebrity judges and to win great prizes, try out one of our free categories, refer a friend for a reward, or gain an industry discount and much more!

Photography Category winners for 2014!

Announcements and updates will continue throughout December.


Life is a Cabaret Photo Contest

This category celebrates entertainers. Here, we want to see your best portraits and performance shots of performing artists: all kinds of musicians, dancers, burlesque, circus performers, vaudevillians, or other. Entertain us.

Bazaar of the Bizarre Photo Contest

This is the place to flaunt the bizarre. Here we’re looking for legacies of the classic sideshow, excesses in modern culture, and spectacle art. We encourage submissions that show the deranged, the weird, the shocking, the fetish, and the macabre.

World Of Circus Feature Photo Contest - Finalists Announced soon

Circus is about things that amaze, inspire, and enthrall. With your photo submission we want you show us a literal or figurative element of circus in your everyday life.

Fire Photography Photo Contest - Finalists Announced soon

Fire is one of the most awesome and exciting special effects to capture. From tiny pinpoints of flame to vast explosions, move us with your fire photography.

Surreal Places Photo Contest - Finalists Announced soon

The setting is often where the story begins. Special places and their ambiance take us away from the mundane, and makes us feel like we are stepping into another world. Landscapes, interiors, and other spaces are the focus of this category. Sometimes the photos will include those who are experiencing the space as well.


Body Art Feature Cosmetics Contest - Finalists Announced soon

Here we dive into the art of full body painting, a surreal and complete illusion using the body as a canvas for the artist’s work.

Carnival Couture Cosmetics Contest - Finalists Announced soon

We ask you to tread the line between beauty and eccentricity. Carnival Couture Inspired by high fashion and circus, this category will be focusing on bold, vivid, and elegant creations worthy of both a runway and theatrical ensemble.

Creative Cosmetic Characters Cosmetics Contest - Finalists Announced soon

Here we ask that you pass the threshold of enhancement and move into creating rich characters. From human, demihuman, earthly, or otherworldly. This category has no limits in creativity. Prosthetic and other appliances may be used to enhance the experience.


Cirque Inspired Art Feature Digital Illustration Contest - Finalists Announced soon

Submit a work of digital art that touches on the spirit of circus. It must capture a place, moment or character that embodies either a sense of wonder or one of the macabre.

Artist's Showcase Digital Illustration Contest - Finalists Announced soon

Submit a piece of digital art that is simply your best. This category is an artist showcase, so show us your best stuff. What do you love? What makes you tick? What would you say embodies your vision as an artist?

Breakdown, rules, terms and conditions

Photography, Cosmetics, and Digital Illustration contests have some specific conditions on submissions. Each category may have special conditions so please be sure to review them as well. Click here to read the full terms and conditions.