Jason Chan


We are honoured to present Jason as a judge for A World of Circus photo, makeup, and illustration contests. Jason will be a judge of our feature category The Art of Circus.

Jason Chan is an acclaimed illustrator and digital artist. He is now a full-time concept artist with Massive Black Inc., working for clients in the video game and entertainment industries. A number of the notable clients Jason has worked with through Massive Black include Riot Games, Sega, Sony Entertainment, Microsoft, BioWare, Electronic Arts, and many more.

When not working for MB, Jason also does freelance illustration for book covers, trading cards, and other projects. Notable illustration clients include Tor, Hasbro, Scholastic, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Feiwel and Friends, Simon & Schuster, Upper Deck, and more.

As a child growing up in California, Jason was a huge fan of movies, video games, books, comics, anime, and anything else he could find to entertain himself. He would spend hours drawing and creating imaginary worlds full of heroes, villains, and creatures… and not much has changed since then.

Jason currently lives in the necropolis of Colma, California just outside of San Francisco.

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