Give a 10% Discount to a friend and earn

10% Credit/Cash

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We want to reward you!

We really believe our contest is exciting and worth sharing. We have loads of prizes, undustry celebrities, and lots of stimulating content. What we lack in our first year is an audience!

We have developed a tool for you to create a unique discount code which you can gift to people you know. It gives a 10% discount for participating in any of our contests, PLUS the owner of the code receives 10% of the transaction back in credit.

Watch this tutorial video to see how easy it is

You can use credit to purchase more uploads, or when your credit reaches a minimum of $50.00, you may request to withdraw it as cash. If you wish to withdraw your credit before the $50.00 min, a convienience fee will apply.
(Full details to be disclosed soon as we consult focus groups on a fair convienience fee.)

Once you generate a code, it is your code, and it expires in 30 days to ensure immediate participation. You can generate a new code after that if you wish to continue promoting.

Register and share away! Thank you.