Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved with the community. Please start by liking our Facebook Page, following us on twitter, or by signing up for our newsletter The Herald. Share us with your friends and community. Below is a list of areas in which we will require your help.

Social media liaisons.

We are currently in need of someone to assist us in maintaining the vast traffic and responsibilities associated with our social media. Currently this is a bartered position. Responsibilities include weekly updates, browsing the conversations on social media and occasionally answering important questions. Persons accepting this role will be entitled to positions in Circus workshops, tickets to the event, access to sponsor swag, and will have the job should it become a paid position.

Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Google Plus, Instagram, and other social media must be within your capacity.

French and spanish translators

Language translation for the website is something we wish to achieve for a fully trilingual site. This is a long term ambition we may not acheive due to budget constraints in the first year but we'd like to try. If anyone wishes to volunteer their time to translate a single or multiple pages please contact us and we will point you to the most important.



We are ferocious fans of art. As such we are negotiating with several master artists in the fields of sculpture and large scale art installations we are always open to proposals to have high quality art displayed at our event so long as it suits the world of circus. If you are a photographer or make-up artist, then see below for our contests.

Is your work in the spirit of the competition? Email us samples and your story