The Organization

The North American Circus Competition is not just an event or a faceless entity. It is a group of professionals with roots in the circus community, supported by a long list of partners and contributors. Our growing team is working hard to grow the 3 dividions of our production. The exciting list of people contributing will continously update as new members join our team.


Andrew MillerExecutive Director

Andrew is a marketing strategist, an entrepreneur, and a veteran photographer. With his strong history working for top level corporations with their marketing departments, Andrew is well suited to direct the future of the project by implementing the tools and marketing neccesary for success.

Antonio Carito Producer and Executive Developer

Antonio is the director and developer of the online photo contest division. He is a superior web developer, a marketing director, and a producer of interactive art installations. His history of developing world famous photo contests leaves him well situated to develope this division.

Jennyfer Sanchez Producer

Jennyfer is our newest producer and an owner of Noble Sky Entertainment with Antonio Carito.

Board of advisors


Under Makenzie's watchful eye the Scotiabank BuskerFest has become the largest festival of it's kind in North America and the largest Epilepsy Awareness raising event in the world.

Shane Gerrard Senior Communications Coordinator at the City of Toronto

Shane manages corporate communications for the city's Economic Development and Culture division. He provides strategic support for divisional issues, public affairs, media relations, programs and events. With a background producing, and overseeing hundreads of events Shane is invaluable.

Emily Smith Transmedia Content strategist at *no campfire required.

Emily is a connector geek who has gotten lost in books her whole life. She discovered the potential of marketing through storytelling on just the right media platform at just the right time, through her years working with the global broadcasters of the Olympic Games. Her role at the company is to figure out how *no campfire required's unique blend of story creativity and digital media know-how can best be leveraged to achieve their clients' goals. *no campfire required is creating a content marketing campaign for our photography, cosmetics and digital illustration contest.

Camile Gauthier Transmedia Creative Technologist at *no campfire required

Cam is an unrepentant geek, artist, maker and dreamer who loves making things that make stories better. For many years, he produced a wide variety of media for a large telecommunication company’s marketing and communications team. His role at *no campfire required is to lead the charge on what they build for clients and how. *no campfire required is creating a content marketing campaign for our photography, cosmetics and digital illustration contest.

Thom Fitzgerald Award Winning Director

Thom joins our team as one who creates progressive film and theatre. His advocacy on behalf of the performing artist for higher standards and rights aligns him with our core values.

Talmon Firestone Entrepreneur and Gold Medalist

With over a decade of tech industry business to call upon, as a gold medalist in Taekwondo at the Maccabiah games, Talmon has contributed a vast amount to the structure of our event.

Team members

Andrea Ouellette Project Co-Ordinator

Andrea is an established stage manager with large scale festivals such as Toronto Pride for 4 year and selected for a return in World Pride 2014. As a professional circus artist and instructor she comes well orientated to the full scope of our production.

Elizabeth Horodnyk Social Media & Online Brand Manager

Elizabeth leads our public communications through social media. An amazing person with a background in performing and special effects make up, she is savy in every way we could wish for.

Priya Sarin Esquire and Legal Consultant

As a lawyer Priya is among Toronto's big litigation powerhouses. She has been the lead of multiple large scale and interactive art installations."

Some of our celebrity judges

Trey Ratcliff World Class Photographer

As our lead photo judge Trey is a world reknown photographer, philosopher, and overall gentleman. His website has become one the #1 travel photography blog on the internet, while his Google+ following will stagger you. Recently Trey and his team have launched an inititive that will forever shift the face of photography at

Rae MorrisWorld Class Make Up Artist

Rae Morris is one of the world's most influential make-up artists and four times Australian Makeup Artist of the Year. Having finished a 10 year period as the Make-up Director for L'Oreal Paris Australia, she reflects back on her published books, years working with celebrities, and is looking forward to the expansion of her own brand of products found at

Benjamin Von WongWorld Class Photographer

Benjamin Von Wong is world-renowned for his epic photography. Benjamin's ability to seamlessly merge the real and the imaginary captures viewers with a fusion of special effects and innovative concepts. Benjamin Von Wong has taken the world by storm, and in the process has accumulated a worldwide following of creatives.

Web development team

George Butler Web Developer

George played an integral role in making our website responsive to mobile devices and refining many elements of our design so they worked well with multiple platforms.

Dan Muirhead Developer

Dan was our first point of contact for the website, building our back end admin and website set up. Owner and operator of Gearbox Digital, a Website company. Dan is also a professional fire performer and excellent DJ.

Kyle Gallant Graphic Designer

We are eternally grateful to Kyle. It is his love of fonts and graphics that gave our site the aesthetic it has today. His modest biography states "I design and draw things in Toronto. Obsessed with type and lettering. Compulsive doodler."

Other contributors

Thank you to those who have helped us in other significant ways.